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How much is my property worth? How much could I rent it for? How convenient is this neighborhood? How 'hot' is the market right now? All at the click of a button.
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Looking to sell or find a tenant for your property? A dedicated HOMLI Expert will get in touch to understand your needs and develop the right plan to achieve your goals.
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A HOMLI Expert is with you along every step of the process. From taking the right photos of your property, to finding interested buyers or tenants, to managing the visits, and closing the transaction.

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How much is the property you are interested in worth?

How much should I pay for the property I am interested in? How convenient is the location? How hot is the market right now? All the answers at the click of a button.

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Are you looking to buy a property for yourself or as an investment? Let us know what you are looking for by filling out a simple form online in under 1 minute. After you do so, we will immediately scan the entire market and a HOMLI Expert will reach out to you as soon as we find a property that meets your criteria.

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Thousands of property owners reach out to us every month and most of them do not have their properties on the market. At the same time, we have built advanced technologies that allow us to analyze thousands of properties in seconds in order to identify the most profitable options for you.

We envision a new, innovative real estate experience

At HOMLI we aspire to become your trusted partner in one of the most important financial decisions of your life: the purchase or sale of a real estate property.
For the first time in our country, we create technological tools that supplement the abilities of our HOMLI experts to offer you the customer experience that we are all accustomed to in other aspects of our lives. We innovate, combining technology with our team's experience to turn the transaction of a real estate property from a stressful and opaque process to a pleasant experience.
At HOMLI we create a new, modern experience for real estate transactions, with you always at the center.